“La Musique du Vivant” 

La Musique du Vivant

“La Musique du Vivant” 

Romina S. Romay

My interest in this work is to create music from the dynamic forms of vitality found in nature. This is why I call composed music, in the form of electro-acoustic and acoustic pieces, graphic scores, installations, mixed sound universes, etc., the “Music of the living” or “Musique du vivant”.
My first approach to the notion of “forms of vitality” comes from an encounter with the book by the psychiatrist “Daniel Stern”, “Formes de vitalité “1 . Later, I combined this reading with the discovery of the concept of “Li “2 , introduced by non-Confucians. These two notions allowed me to provide a theoretical framework for what I perceived as a source of artistic inspiration.
In order to understand these forms in continuous movement and variation, I chose to use data, as a flexible and plastic material from which one can make the translation into musical material, using computer tools in its processing.

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