In early October 2023, cinEXmedia and the Research Center of the Montreal University Geriatric Institute (CRIUGM) awarded a postdoctoral scholarship to researcher Romina Soledad Romay. The project she leads intersects digital technologies, musical composition, and art history. Inspired by impressionist paintings, the project aims to create an immersive experience with soundscapes from natural environments depicted in these artworks. Romay and her team captured ambient sounds from a botanical garden to create musical models representing various plant species in different contexts. They utilize artificial intelligence to recreate the impressionist style visually. The project emphasizes the therapeutic aspect of art and aims to counteract alienation and isolation caused by excessive screen time. Romay’s diverse background, from studying natural sciences to exploring music and multimedia arts, influences her interdisciplinary approach to research and creation. She envisions a collective, positive, and constructive reality through her work. The future holds promising plans and initiatives for her team, aiming to reach a wide audience and foster well-being through artistic experiences.

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